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Whetheryou would rather than teach young children nursery rhythm in English, or have deeper discussions with university students,we can hlep you find a good fit with competitive salary and accommodation.Teaching in ChongQing will be precious experirence of a lifetime.


Tangyuan making in Chinese Lantern Festival Party on 2nd, March, 2018.

Lantern Festival Party, hold by China Services International Chong, was celebrated on 2nd, March, 2018.

ESL teachers learned Chinese Calligraphy from professional Chinese teacher when they took the orientation in September, 2017.

ESL teachers went sightseeing in Ciqikou Ancient Street to learn the Bayu Culture.

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Located at the southwest of China, Chongqing is always known as the mountain city. It’s at the confluence of Yangtze and Jialing Rivers with an active industrial port, the combination of mountain and water is an essential part of the city’s character, culture and lifestyle. It has a subtropical climate, and the population here is about 33.71 million. As one of China’s four municipalities directly under the central government, the economy is developing at full speed, and the transportation is getting complete, which makes Chongqing an international exchange center...


There are lots of delicious food in Chongqing, and most of the cuisine is hot and spicy. The main ingredients in dishes are chilies, pepper, garlic and ginger etc.. Each dish is a perfect combination of color, aroma and taste with the various ingredients. Such as Mapo Tofu, hotpot, Twice-cooked pork, Fish Flavored pork, Dry Chili Chicken and Xiaomian and so on. It’s available for you to try food from all over the world here if you don’t like spicy food that much and miss hometown food.

Tourist attractions

Where to go after work? Both Plazas and cultural tourism sights are available for you. You will marvel at the Dazu Rock Carvings, Three Gorges, anti-Japanese culture, hot springs and the charming night scene etc..


The public transport system is composed of buses, taxis and light rail transit, which is easy for you to get around. You can buy a IC card with 25RMB, convenient to travel around and also you can enjoy some discounts by it, for example, you can get 10% discount for all public transport including the Yangtze River cable car. What deserves to be mentioned is the special view by light rail transit out of Chongqing’s Unique terrain. Chongqing is also a modern city with a wide range of railways and routes, making people easy to go out of the cities.



Carmen is from the U.S.A, and Szymon is from Poland. Both teach in the same college.